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The NEW Way to
Get Off the Tools
The NEW Way to
Get Off the Tools
Learn How to Apply the Quantum Shift™ Strategy to 
Multiply Your Revenue, Profits, & Free Time
How to get off the tools and multiply profits
Brought to you by: Nicholas Tang & Jay Van
Founders of Tradesmen Academy who have helped over 750 contractors, tradesmen, and builders scale their business and get off the tools.
  •  The HUGE mistake that forces tradesmen to work harder but is totally inefficient in generating more money… and the backwards secret to increasing your profits while working LESS…
  •  A simple strategy for filling your pipeline with profitable jobs while gaining back hours of free time you can spend with your family...
  •  The 10-minute framework for training A-grade staff you can trust to deliver top-quality work on time and on budget while you run a head office... 
  •  Our PROVEN Quantum Shift™ Strategy for achieving rapid, next-level growth without the stress...
  •  And much more...
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